Velotric Discover 1 Plus

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Meet the Velotric Discover 1 Plus, the perfect commuter e-bike for your weekend joyrides or the daily commute. Featuring the powerful Velopower H50 drive system, the Discover 1 Plus goes farther and climbs steeper hills compared to similar bikes.Equipped with hydraulic suspension and brakes, preinstalled fenders with an integrated rear brake light, the Discover 1 Plus also comes in several colors so you can ride in style, safety and comfort.

Ride with the
peace of mind.
Safety is our most important design
philosophy. Not only we certified both
our battery and bike with UL®, one of the
highest safest standard in the ebike
 We rigorously tested our bike
frames over 150,000 times under
the toughest" conditions so that you never
have to worry about our quality.

The Discover 1 Plus is equipped with a rear
light with braking high-beam function,
IPX6 grade waterproof, and double
Hydraulic-Disc Brakes 
offering riders
extra safety in any conditions.
The most
commuter ever.
The Discover 1 Plus can easily adapt to multiple
road conditions from road cycling to gravel
allowing you to perform different kinds of activities.

The fork gives you a smooth riding
experience in parks, cities, suburbs or no
matter where you ride. It is even equipped with
a walk mode to assist you to walk up a hill.