Hi, and thanks for stopping by and checking out our website! My name is Marcus Schiro and together with my family, we own and operate EPB. Epic Power Bikes was started in 2017 out of our garage in Downtown San Clemente as a part time gig to make some extra cash while working my full time motorcycle sales and mechanic job. In 2018, when I lost my job, I decided to take EPB all the way! There was a huge need for quality service, repair, and sales and I wanted everyone to be able to afford a high-quality E-bike. They had to be equipped with all the necessary parts and accessessories that are needed to ride comfortably, safely, and cover all terrain seamlessly. That is what we created and after after more than 3 years of R & D, we have accomplished just that. Along with always striving to provide the best customer service we stay "dedicated to your adventure"! Our bikes continue to evolve as the technology and industry grows. They are just too much fun! So whether you're headed down for a surf, grabbing some grub or just going for a cruise around town, Epic Power Bikes get you there fast, easy and fun! Our Fat Tire bikes are fit for the sand, snow, dirt, or anywhere off the beaten path. Our bikes feature the latest and greatest in technology, power, and battery life at affordable pricing. We offer a one year limited warranty on select non wear and tear parts and pride ourselves on having excellent customer service. EPB is local, family owned and operated and dedicated to your satisfaction. Our goal is for you is to have an "Epic" experience and have as much fun as we do with our E-bikes.